The Baldwin Manor Association continues to involve the community in projects to help benefit the park.

Yoga in the park

On June 2, 2017, the BMA hosted "Yoga in the Park" with the help of Katie, owner of the yoga, cycle, and barre studio, Sweat. Participators enjoyed a one hour session of relaxing yoga poses in the park. The event raised over $200 for the park. 

This past Saturday (6/2) we hosted our first-ever yoga in the park. Katie, owner of Sweat, generously gave us a one hour session of relaxing yoga poses. We got a glimpse of the wonderful classes she offers at her studio located at 100 Siena Drive, Suite 270 (near Whole Foods). This impromptu gathering brought a great group of women together. Alli Gillen, one of BMA’s awesome board members, organized this event, which raised over $200 for the park. Thank you Katie, Alli, and the ladies who participated to make this event a success!

Spring Cleanup Day 2017

Hardworking volunteers joined together in the Spring of 2017 to clean up piles of debris, leaves, and low hanging branches from the park. Their efforts aided in beautifying the park and giving it a much neater appearance. New friendships and connections were made, and volunteers enjoyed delicious goodies graciously donated from Schneider's Dairy, Gianna Via's, and Panera Bread. A huge thank you to the following volunteers who gave 7+ hours to our cause:

Cindy and Chuck Guenther
Sherrill Shepler
Bruce Barcic
Ronni Hoffmeyer
Joe Michaels
Michelle Crawley

Sue and Jeff Vietmeier
Chris Kozar
Tracy and Brian Murello
Lou Reda
Sean Crane (and family)
Kirk Dearfield
Steve Maloney

Find out when upcoming volunteer events will be by clicking here.


BMA Wishing Well Roof

Over the course of a month, Kirk Dearfield volunteered his time and efforts to reconstruct a roof for the wishing well. In addition, he added a custom birdhouse. Kirk is skilled in carpentry, but also has experience with tree and yard work. You can contact Kirk at 412-627-5752 if you are looking for work done at a fair price.

Brien Murphy donated the roof materials, and Bruce Barcic helped with the initial demolition. The BMA purchased all remaining necessary supplies. In addition, Bill McMahon offered to seal the roof so it will stand up to the unpredictable Pittsburgh weather for years to come. It is inspiring to see members of our community stepping up to help the park. To find out how you can get involved, click here.